US Military

US Military is the largest military in the world with the biggest military budget. The US Military budget is greater than the combined military budgets of the next twenty countries and about six times the second largest military spender, Russia. Spending of the United States Military plus its allies spending amounts to roughly two third of the total world’s military spending.

US Military consists of United States Army, Navy, Air force along with US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard. The combined US Military personnel on active duty are 1.4 million in number. More than half of the government’s discretionary spending is accounted by the United States military.

There are numerous reasons to justify these huge spending. US Military besides fulfilling the job of national security it has to maintain and project itself as a global power. United States military has to look after other countries too unlike the militaries of other countries. They need to maintain a reliable nuclear deterrent and enough forces to guard its territories.

US Military has to fight for its allies and maintain its hold on the seas to look after the US trade. This strategy started after the Second World War and specifically after the attack on the Pearl Harbor and continued in the Cold War period. Even after the disappearance of Soviet Union the strategy of maintaining a noteworthy global United States Military presence for international stability and national security.

USA has the resources to spend on US Military as its economy allows it to do so, unlike other countries. As the United States’ army focuses on minimizing possible causalities, the emphasis is on improving and developing state of the art technology to have a winning edge over the enemy. Stealth aircraft, global positioning system, smart weapons and lasers to shoot down missiles are the result of the ongoing research. Air Land battle doctrine and Goldwater-Nichols act streamlined and coordinated the working of United States military. This lead to better integration, shared procurement and noticeable reduction in inter service rivalry.

United States military is the only military capable of global operations in the world and the US military should be ready to fight many wars at any particular time.

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