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US Army Reserves

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The United States Army Reserve, created in 1908, is the reserve force for more then 200,000 civilians that work part-time for the United States Army. These reserves work during times of war and are very dedicated to serve their country in times of need. During war times, soldiers can be called to Active Duty where they will work full time on his/her specific assignments. During times of inactive duty, the soldiers of the Army Reserve must go to their local base for training and work at least one weekend a month. Reserves must also work two weekends end in a row once a year during their time of inactive duty. To become a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, a soldier must agree to be in the reserve for eight years. Once a soldier has joined the reserves, the soldier must then go through Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. These training camps teach the soldiers new skills and prepare them mentally and physically for times of war and conflict. After a soldier's nine weeks of basic training, the soldier is ready to contribute their skills to the U.S. Army all over the world.

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The number of years served and rank of an officer or soldier, determines the amount of money each individual will earn for their work. While in the Reserves, soldiers get paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Being in the Reserves is a great way to pay for a college education and you can even earn thousands of dollars for just referring another recruit to join the Army Reserves.

To enlist into the US Army Reserve, a civilian does not need prior military experience. A civilian can join as an Officer through ROTC, Officer's Candidate School (OCS), or by direct Commissioning. To become an U.S Reserve you need to be an U.S. citizenship or a Permanent Resident Alien with good moral standing. Also, you need to be between 17 and 34 years of age. If you are interested in traveling the world, making terrific money, and need the chance to get a free college education maybe the United States Reserves is right for you.


ROTC is the Reserve Officer Training Corps program of the United States Army in…